About Me

Re: Is a title I chose for all my postings on Word Press because it is a short form for Regarding.

You won’t find much about me personally on this page. My intent with this opener is to entice you to read further by exploring my catalogue of postings; now over 200 personal essays banked in the archives. Think of this page as a prologue. Imagine a book of essays examining the way I think about a specific word. The word ‘world’ can be reduced by one letter to make ‘word’ and indeed a world of thought can be contained in a reflection of one single word. Catch my drift?

I want to find my own meaning for the words I examine. I’d like you to consider my words and their definitions and apply them to yourself; not as a requirement for better living but as food for thought as you build your understanding of humankind yourself, and your role in this world. Only you can make yourself better. Only you can make a better world.

I have a small understanding of the English language, through schooling, reading and art. I learn something new everyday about oral, expressive or written communication. My historical experience will not be yours, even my reflection on a word’s meaning may not be your interpretation, but I invite you to use your own imagination and past experience as you read the thoughts that spill out from my brain. I’ve kept the essays to about 500 words. I boldly think of myself as a modern day Montaigne. Let’s explore together. Writing is one of the art forms I can use to bring meaning to my existence. I feel lucky to have been published in traditional media, now I faithfully post a new page in this format every Monday morning.

All writers know this; a writer feels compelled to write. Seeing my work published is a bonus, especially if it can inspire others, yet I can relate to J.D. Salinger’s thinking from this New York Times article of 1974: “There is a marvellous peace in not publishing. It’s peaceful. Still. Publishing is a terrible invasion of my privacy. I like to write. I love to write. But I write just for myself and my own pleasure.” Despite my introversion I can gain a relaxed sense of community and belonging through these postings and other social media. If my ideas move you, please leave me a comment at the bottom of the blog page. You can also find me on Twitter @wh0n0z or email me at handsome.golden@gmail.com.

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