About Re: (Regarding)

My title page,
You won’t find much about me personally on this page. My intent with this opener is to entice you to read further by exploring my catalogue of postings, now over 100 personal essays banked in the archives. I continue to explore the power of a single word by using it as a theme to open a window of personal memory. From that word I trip on forms of the word to uncover understanding from a thousand mental pictures. My historical experience may be yours. Perhaps my reflection on a word’s meaning may not be your interpretation. I invite you to use your own imagination and past experience as you read the thoughts that spill out. Let’s explore together. Writing is one of the art forms which I use to bring meaning to my existence. I feel lucky to have been published in traditional media, now I post a new page in this format every Monday morning. All writers know, a writer just HAS TO write. Seeing my work published is cathartic, like J.D. Salinger’s thinking. Yet despite my introversion I gain a relaxed sense of community through social media. If my ideas move you, please leave me a comment at the bottom of the blog page. You can also find me on Twitter @wh0n0z or email me at handsome.golden@gmail.com.

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